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A dedicated team of SEO experts at your service

Implementing a solid SEO strategy is a long term process that implies commitment both for Pineapple Web SEO experts and our client.

There is no “magic trick” to run a performing SEO strategy and to rank well on search engines but just a substantial amount of work and expertise.

Our approach to SEO is straight forward and follows a standard process that already proved to be efficient and robust.

Our standard SEO offer is divided into 3 major steps, each composed of several layers.
Scroll down to get more details on each steps!

Our process

What SEO services can Pineapple web provide me with?

1ststep: Audit

We divide our Audit SEO service in 5 different types of audit. If we cover those 5 audits you will have a comprehensive picture of your SEO related strengths and weaknesses.

You can choose to do it all, or pick the SEO audit service item you think is necessary for your company.

Each audit item is composed of several control points. In the audit report we will hand to you once the audit is completed, you will see that each point analyzed leads to suggestions to improve your SEO.

Responsive (RWD)
Sounds strange? There are several levels of responsiveness. Check Google mobile page test tool to see if the said responsive version of your website is in fact responsive.
Keyword selection
If you didn’t choose your keywords yet, we help your company pick up the right ones. If you already did, we carry further investigation on them, both in terms of relevance, grouping and mapping.
Accessibility & indexability
We make sure that the search engine & visitors can access your website in the most optimal way. We check if and how the pages displayed on your website are indexed in the search engine.
On-page SEO
We examine every parameters of the content on your pages and your website’s architecture.
Off-page SEO
We examine every parameters of the content on your pages and your website’s architecture.
We repeat some points of the 4 audits items mentioned above, but we focus on your competitors. We then compare their results to yours and identify where the opportunities for you to outrank them are.

Price: From 25.000NT/audit ($850/audit), or 110.000NT/package ($3800/package) (5 audits)

Delivery: 3 working days / audit

2ndstep: Suggestion’s implementation

We run through the suggestions mentioned in the SEO audit report and come back to you with an action plan to implement it.

When reaching the deployment stage for your SEO strategy, we are in regular contact with you to ensure that our implementation follows your initial desires, and to adjust it according to new demands you could have.

1.000NT/hour ($30/hour) of work. We will match every suggestion with an estimated amount of time to implement it.
3rdstep: Monthly package
Once the suggestions are implemented and after making sure they comply with the best SEO practices, we set-up a monthly plan that can include:
Creating new backlinks
Creating a reliable link building strategy, we will work towards getting targeted third-party websites to point to your platform.
Optimizing your new content
We are available to give you answers about your SEO related questions, or to complete the SEO specific upgrades you would need to stay up-to-date.
Monitoring your SEO related website data
We monitor and send you a monthly report about your website’s technical data and your pages’ indexability in order to make sure your website is crawled the way you want it to be.
Monitoring your ranking
We monitor and send you a monthly report showing you the ranking of your website compared to competitor’s one for the keywords we initially agreed on.

Price: You can decide to choose just one of the above items for your monthly plan or all of them. Therefore, the price will adapt on your needs.

Delivery: If you work with us on the package (5 items), we will send to you, every month, 3 reports:

  • Website data report
  • Ranking report
  • Month activity report (We list what has be done for your company within the month)
Other services

On-demand SEO services:

We also offer SEO services based on specific needs you may have. We generally charge that kind of missions by hour worked.

It can be as vast as:

  • Backlink cleaning
  • Content endorsement
  • Google penalties check
  • Google search console set up
  • Meta tag Analysis
  • hreflang and canonical tags upgrade
  • Mobile version review
  • And much more…

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process aimed at developing your online presence. An efficient SEO strategy will help improving your website’s ranking online (closer to rank #1) on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

As a result, it will substantially increase the quantity, and boost the quality, of the traffic your site receives.


Why do I need a SEO strategy for my website?

Having a well-designed website featuring rich content is good. But making it available and findable for the audience you target is even better. Like a good SEO strategy couldn’t meet success without a solid website, a well-built website should never be released without a solid SEO strategy to back it.

There are trillions of pages available on the internet, and probably millions on the search terms you are targeting. In this context, you have to work on getting out of the crowd if you want your website not to be only available to the people that already know you but to also generate new leads for your business.

SEO is the best acquisition channel to drive quality traffic to your website

The information you display is requested by the user himself.
New reach
It brings you potential customers that didn’t know your business before.
Unlike paid search results, you don’t have to pay search engines to rank well in the organic section of the search result pages. If you stop optimizing your website, your ranking will remain constant in the short/medium term.
It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to invest in online marketing. Moreover, your website’s expenses remain similar whether your site is visited by 100, 10.000 or a million people per month.
SEO brings traffic to your website. And the traffic on your website is tracked on Google analytics. You then have access to unmatched insight into your customers.
How do search engines index pages?

Search engines robots crawl your website’s pages to analyze their content. They follow the different links on each of your pages to navigate your website.

Depending on what they find on your pages, they will decide whether to index it and match it with certain terms users might search for.

Once your page is indexed in the search engine, it can potentially be found by users.

Why does it take “so” long to see the 1st results of my SEO campaigns?

It takes long, because it’s complex. Google algorithm is composed of more than 200 criteria to decide where a website should rank on the search engine result pages (SERP).

It also takes time, to run a complete SEO audit, to implement the action plan that comes in response to that audit, to edit quality content and to create new back link.

Can a SEO agency guarantee results?

Yes and No.

An SEO agency that takes over your SEO strategy should be able to guarantee that they will improve your current website’s ranking on the search terms you commonly agreed on.

Nevertheless, an SEO expert should never guarantee the reach of a specific ranking, like rank #1, or if he does, you should run away.

You are probably not the only company trying to optimize for the same keywords so your capacity to rank high is directly related to the effectiveness of the competition’s Search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and to the budget devoted to it.

Does a SEO friendly CMS or SEO plug-in guarantee me with good SEO returns?

It definitely doesn’t.

It just provides you with a user friendly display to handle a part of the on-page SEO basics.

It’s useful if you understand how to use it and you don’t want to touch your website’s files yourself, but that’s clearly not enough if you are looking to implement a serious SEO strategy.

How can I optimize my website for SEO?

Out of the technical issues your website might be facing, there are 4 crucial ranking factors that should form the base of your SEO strategy:

Search engines’ goal is to provide the person who searches for something with relevant information. Therefore the quality of the content on your website is the best hook to make search engine want to display your pages to users. That’s also where you will display your page’s topic and decide which you want your users to find you on.
A backlink is a link on a page from another domain than yours that point to your domain. It’s a very strong signal for the search engine of the popularity and the authority of your page and your domain name.
Mobile-first index
Google is now indexing your pages based on the mobile version of it. Therefore, you can’t rank well if you don’t have a proper mobile version. We recommend to design the mobile version of your website first and to then adapt it for a desktop display.
Page speed
If your pages take too long to load, the user will be discouraged to wait, resulting in a poor user experience. Search engines don’t want to send their users on websites that are not user-friendly and will therefore lower your pages’ ranking.