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Responsive design

What is a responsive web design?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a process aimed at building an adaptive platform, by ensuring that your web pages formatting always fits the end-user’s device (orientation & size).

Why should I have a responsive website design?

You should simply have a responsive web design if you have a website.

Today, more than 50% of all traffic is coming from mobile devices (Cell phone & tab).

Also, back in 2016, Google announced that they were implementing the Mobile-first indexing. In other words, Google is considering looking at the mobile version of your website before your desktop version to index your pages.

It’s now clear that having a responsive website design (RWD), regardless of your industry, isn’t an option but a requirement.

Responsive design

Why Pineapple Web for
my responsive web design?

Sounds strange? There are several levels of responsiveness. Check Google mobile page test tool to see if the said responsive version of your website is in fact responsive.
To any screen format and orientation.

We compress, optimize, minify and leverage everything we can. Test your website’s mobile pages speed here

Designed for mobile use

More than a simple translation of your desktop version, we redesign your mobile website to be optimized to this device.

UX design

What is a website design focused on user experience (UX design)?

UX design describes the process of focusing on user satisfaction to build a website’s design by improving the navigation between the pages, enhancing its accessibility, and boosting the pleasure the visitor will have browsing your website.

Why should I focus on user experience when designing my website?

There are so many good reasons to focus on user experience when working on your website’s design. Here are a few of them:
  • It retains customer on your website longer
  • It converts better visitors into buyers/subscriber
  • It enhances your brand’s image and increases customer’s loyalty
  • It creates new leads because it’s more likely to be recommended

Why Pineapple Web design agency for my UX optimized website?

If you already have a website, we will work on your website’s UX design based on:
  • Your Google analytics data (if you already implemented the tracking code). This tool will provide us with a lot of precious information about your audience’s demographics, and about the way they interact with your website. With this in mind, we will be able to come up with a partial re-design plan.
  • Your website architecture: Website’s architecture is crucial when it comes to accessibility. Your website navigation must be natural and must match with your user’s expectations and habits.
  • If you don’t have a website yet, we will help you to create user personas and to build a comprehensive website design that focuses on:


    Above all, we prioritize your website’s functionality.


    We make the navigation between your web pages intuitive.


    We make sure your website displays well on every type/size of screens


    The ultimate goal of a UX design approach is to focus on your users’ needs. We will therefore test again and again your website on users and track behavior to make the necessary adjustments.

    Visual hierarchy

    We organize your web pages in a way so that visitors will easily find what they are looking for.


    We use the same or similar word styling, colors schemes, and layout across similar sections of your website.


    Across the years, web users acquired general habits while surfing a website. These create implicit conventions that we respect in the design of your platform to keep the user experience comfortable.
    Website redesign - Website redesign -
    Website redesign
    Website redesign

    What is website redesign?

    A website redesign defines the action of taking over an existing website, keeping most of the existing content but changing the multiple design elements, the way content is displayed, and the website’s architecture.

    Why should I have a website redesign?

    You should have a website redesign

    • If you feel like your website isn’t reaching the goals you’ve set for it,
    • If you feel your website’s design and navigability is outdated,
    • If your website’s purpose changed
    • If you want to implement a serious SEO strategy.

    Why Pineapple Web agency for my website redesign?

    To perform your website’s redesign, Pineapple Web works the following way:

    Step 1

    We walk you through a series of questions to define a website redesign strategy.

    Step 2

    We plan together what needs to remain the same and what needs to be change.

    Step 3

    We design prototypes including wireframe design and color scheme.

    Step 4

    We build the website based on what has been approved on step 3.

    Step 5

    We test and optimize the newly designed website and bring modifications if necessary.

    Step 6

    We launch the website and collect new analytics.

    Step 7

    We submit, monitor & analyze the new website data with the webmaster tools and google analytics.

    Web animation

    What is web animation standing for?

    The term “Web animation” aggregates all the techniques used to set a website’s elements in motion. Web animations can be coded and displayed in different formats, and can serve several purposes.

    Why should I use web animations on my website?

    You don’t have to use web animation on your website. Nevertheless, most of websites use basic web animations today. For example, a dropdown menu on a webpage is considered as an animation.

    You can also work on more complex web animation, as long as it is not uniquely for graphic purposes: web animation must always be aimed at enhancing the user’s experience.

    If you’d like to have a look on what can be done today in term of web animation, I invite you to visit this website.

    What kind of web animations Pineapple Web design company can handle?

    We can handle both simple and complex animations.

    We like to use CSS3, HTML (.svg), Javascript, and videos to run animations because it is performant, and indexable for search engines.

    We rarely use .gif animations on the websites we design because .gif files, if abused, are heavy and therefore impact negatively your page’s loading time.

    We don't use Flash for your website’s animations because it is only available on desktop device browsing. Additionally, it is massively inaccessible, unsecured, and cannot be indexed by search engines