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Pineapple Web Co., Ltd

Office 205, 2nd floor, No. 147,
Minquan Road, Xindian District,
New Taipei City, Taiwan

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LINE: @pineappleweb

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Web developer + Digital marketer
Teaming up

And there is also a 台灣犬

And there is also a 台灣犬
The origin

Both French nationals, we have respectively 8 and 10 years of experience in our industries.

We decided to combine our skills to open our digital agency in 2017.

Jules and Max

Evolving in a thriving environment, we have the opportunity to meet often with other professionals from the digital industry (photographs, copywriters, graphic designers...).

We’ve been since building trust within that network of partners in order to complement our service offer when it is requested by our client.

The concept

At Pineapple Web, we aim at becoming your one stop digital agency. Website and online advertisement services are numerous, quite technical, and always interlinked.

We know how tricky it can be for a company to have several suppliers working together on their specialty toward the same objective - your company’s objective.

That is why, At Pineapple Web, we developed a large range of services that together cover most of the services you might need when it comes to web projects and gaining online visibility.

Because we have an overview on the web industry, we can do more than just do what you ask us to. We build digital strategies.

The philosophy

Our philosophy is that, no matter your size, no matter your budget, our digital agency has a solution shaped for your company.

The extent of your needs in terms of web services is highly related to the size of your company and to your core business.

We made our digital offer very flexible so that we can build a digital strategy that fits with your business objectives and your budget.

The location

Our agency is located in New Taipei, Taiwan.

We believe that there are solid business opportunities in Taiwan for web development services and we understand clearly the challenges that Taiwanese companies have to face when it comes to digital.

Despite being located in Taiwan, our agency also serves an international clientele.

Why a pineapple?

Why not? Pineapples are exotic, delicious, and give a great energy boost!

Actually, there is more to it. The sound of the Chinese word for pineapple is close to the sound of “good luck coming your way,” so the pineapple has become a popular traditional feng shui symbol of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

That’s all we wish to our clients.